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About the Event

All successful investors possess one powerful tool: knowledge. Empowered 2017 gives YOU the exact knowledge held by the most successful investors to maximize the performance of your 401k and investment portfolio.



EMPOWERED 2017 is delivered with total immersion personal coaching. Getting you the most impactful knowledge you need in the fastest amount of time possible and allowing you to enjoy the learning process while you're doing it.



James McDonald, CEO of Index Strategy Advisors was named as one of America's top 10 investment advisors and his mission is to educate and empower you to get the most out of your 401k or investment portfolios.



Achieving better performance for your 401k or investment portfolio. EMPOWERED 2017 is not a typical, long and boring seminar. The reason EMPOWERED coaching works is because it gets results. The reason our students love it is because they enjoy the process.


EMPOWERED 2017 will guide you through a step-by-step process that helps you discover the factors which control your investment results and how changing your mindset and knowledge base will help you take control into your own hands. Optimal investment performance requires the right strategies.

EMPOWERED 2017 will teach you those strategies.

Mindset: Psychology of the successful investor
Lesson 1
80% of success is psychology 20% is action
How to stay focused on what matters most
It's not enough to know what to do, but you also have to know why you're doing it. Brining your “what” and “why” into alignment is what investment focus is all about. This section helps you minimize the mental clutter that distracts you from the right tasks required to growing and protecting your 401k and investment portfolio.
Lesson 2
Emotion Regulation
How to maintain the right mindset to follow through
Fear and greed are natural emotions. How you respond to these emotions can determine if you win or lose. Systematically building your patience, awareness, and preparation, has been proven to successfully reduce the anxiety and stress of investing. This section teaches you exactly how to respond to emotions that may hold you back from consistently making good investment decisions.
Lesson 3
Mental Keys to Successful investing
How to develop the traits necessary to maximize your mental performance
There are 11 proven keys to success in investing that all start with your mental approach. This section teaches you those keys to help you acknowledge errors, build confidence, be decisive, and reach for your full potential as an investor.
Diversification: The Truth About Diversification
Lesson 4
Asset Allocation Policy
Understanding the limits of diversification and the risks of overdiversification
As witnessed during the Credit Crisis of 2008-2009, the benefits of diversification may not always perform to expectations. Your asset allocation policy is the breakdown of your portfolio's diversified exposure to the financial markets. Your asset allocation policy should always remain in alignment with you, your goals, your risk tolerance, and most importantly the current economic environment. There are four main asset classes: Cash, U.S. Stocks, Foreign Stocks, and Bonds. Each asset class has a different risk versus reward payoff that can change over time based on economic conditions and the economic cycle. This section will teach you how to properly plan and implement an asset class allocation policy for your 401k or investment portfolio based on the prevailing economic environment.
Lesson 5
Stock Sectors
How to achieve and maintain superior stock sector diversification
There are 11 main stock sectors that reflect the overall corporate equity market. Some sectors have much higher potential or risk than others based on seasonal, economic and other factors. Your portfolio’s sector exposures can be efficiently managed based on known factors to improve performance and reduce risk. This section provides you with a basic overview of each sector and how to diversify correctly among sectors based on known factors to maximize the performance potential of your 401k or investment portfolio.
Lesson 6
Stock & Bond Mix
How and when to change your stock and bond exposure
Many traditional investment strategies oversimplify the approach to determining your optimal stock vs. bond mix ratio, leaving you exposed to unnecessary underperformance or risk. While your stock/bond mix doesn’t need to be complicated, it should be set to realistically achieve your objectives. This section will teach you how to set your stock/bond mix based on an easy to understand formula of time, yield, risk and income requirements.
Lesson 7
How to identify and profit from non-U.S. economies
Whether due to higher economic growth, innovation, or political reforms, foreign markets may offer in many cases better investment opportunities than in the U.S. Although susceptible to different and potentially greater risks than in the U.S., international investing has become easier with exchange traded funds (ETF). Investors are often unaware or overlook the recently expanded scope of international ETF options available. This section will teach you how to find and invest in the best international investing options within your 401k or investment portfolio.
Sectors: How to Find the highest performing areas of the market
Lesson 8
Economic Conditions
The 5 economic reports you should monitor to guard your portfolio
Trends in economic conditions dictate the health of every economy. This section will show you the exact domestic and foreign economic reports you need to monitor to ensure that your 401k or investment portfolio is exposed to the best growth opportunities when market cycles are trending higher, and to protect your assets from high levels of risk when the market is weakening.
Lesson 9
Corporate Earnings
How to use quarterly earnings season to grow and protect your portfolio
Corporate earnings announcements are scheduled in advance thus 401k or investment portfolio adjustments can be developed prior to an adverse (or positive) market impact. This section will teach you how to you to efficiently plan and readjust your 401k or investment portfolio holdings quarterly based on corporate earnings results.
Lesson 10
How to profit when stocks all move in the same direction
When market turmoil increases, high correlation levels render the value of traditional asset allocation, diversification, and fundamental 'bottoms up' research nearly useless. This section will teach you how to easily monitor and plan and make investment decisions during high market correlation levels to maximize performance in your 401k or investment portfolio.
Risk Management: How to use market cycles to guide best practices
Lesson 11
What is Risk Management?
How to correctly avoid or minimize financial loss
An hour spent planning how to manage risk more effectively will offer far greater typical returns than an hour spent searching for the next super stock. Risk management is the practice of avoiding or minimizing financial loss. This can be achieved in three ways: 1) Avoidance of risk; 2) Loss control; and 3) Active switching between 1 & 2. Identifying the best risk management approach will typically depend on the current market cycle. Unfortunately, most investors lack a risk management strategy and suffer large (often unnecessary) losses during significant market declines. This section will teach you how to set up a simple and effective risk management plan for your 401k or investment portfolio.
Security Selection: A 3 step process of deciding which fund to buy
Lesson 12
The 3 Most important steps to take before buying a fund
How to compare cost, structure and performance of a fund
Security selection is the process of deciding which fund to buy. It seems obvious that this is a very important step in the investing process, yet very few investors ever scrutinize the funds they actually own. Factors that weigh most importantly include: the true costs of the fund, product structure, tax treatment, how price is determined, how many active buyers and sellers exist for the fund, and finally, how well the fund performs at its job of tracking the index it follows. With over 10,000 funds available there are literally hundreds which all claim to do the same thing. This section will teach you how to evaluate and pick the right fund for the investment objective you're trying to achieve within your 401k or investment portfolio.
Wrap Up
James McDonald - CEO/CIO of Index Strategy Advisors, Inc.
This session is reserved for participants to ask questions related to the information covered as well as their unique problems, challenges and objectives with their personal 401ks and investment portfolios.


You will learn proven strategies to optimize your 401k and investment portfolio from James McDonald, CEO and Chief Investment officer at Index Strategy Advisors, Inc. (ISA). ISA is a Los Angeles, CA based Registered Investment Advisor delivering customized portfolio management to individuals and companies throughout the United States. Helping our clients achieve their investing goals drives everything we do.

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James McDonald

Mr. McDonald is founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Index Strategy Advisors, Inc.


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